WeOcean Project


Seas and oceans of the world are an unlimited source of inspiration and knowledge for humans. Many initiatives have already been developed in order to better understand, use sustainably, protect, restore, and inspire dreams about our water planet.

The goal of WeOcean project is to create a link between these people who are developing initiatives and the public in order to make the Ocean accessible to everyone to better respect it.

Those initiatives, called know-how are all around us. WeOcean’s mission is to improve the distribution of Oceanic knowledge and foster the creation of new projects in innovation and sustainability. WeOcean’s values are like the ocean as well as the current challenges our planet is facing: both simple and complex at the same time.

For a very long time, the boat has been the perfect tool for transmission and discovery. The main tool and home of WeOcean is its sailing boat. Knowledge, ideas, news and goods have always travelled through seas and oceans and still continue today. WeOcean is the first ambassador of this project, looking for Humans and the Ocean’s know-how of tomorrow; leading scientific, sport and technical expeditions on sailing boats.

Our Values



The words of the founder

I believe that passion and dreams are the pillars of a life.I could tell you about my dreams, but I decided to listen to yours. I could let them go, as an anecdote but I decided to collect them as treasures of reflections and solutions. WeOcean project is about meeting your valuable ocean know-how that are respecting our planet, in order to make a modest contribution to the construction of tomorrow’s world and Ocean, by sharing them and promoting them. My passion for the blue element and my ability to dream of nothing and to marvel at everything gave me the idea of creating WeOcean project.

I feel today, more than ever,  in a project of life that has meaning and values that are mine. A project embedded in an entrepreneurial and sustainable approach enabling everyone to better know the ocean, an infinite source of inspiration, to be able to participate in its protection and to act responsibly.

What about you ?