WeOcean Project




In its nomad project WeOcean uses, tests, develops and adapts various Ocean Know-how projects to give them a physical reality.


WeOcean will go on several journeys to meet the existing Know-how developed around the world. It will meet Humans with values, knowledge and expertise needed to create a better tomorrow.


Thanks to the WeOcean, the sharing various Ocean Know-how will increase people’s awareness of the fragility and importance of our Ocean and thus better respect it. The acceleration of this knowledge is a powerful source of innovation to build a sustainable tomorrow and then create a positive value cycle in which everybody can participate.


Thanks to its international mobility, WeOcean shares and communicates ideas, projects and dreams through educational programs, movies, conferences and books. 



WeOcean is looking for Humans (people) that have initiatives on environmental education that help change behaviors in order to better respect our Ocean Planet and act to minimize our negative impact by combatting issues such as climate change.


Numerous scientific programs exist. WeOcean is seeking them out around the world with the objective of better understanding our environment and the Ocean in order to create solutions for tomorrow.


An amazing playground, the Ocean has always made people dream of spending a few moments underneath or on top of the water. The objective of WeOcean is to meet personalities who share their dreams and offer respect and humility for the Ocean through their passion for water sports.


Many people have dedicated their lives to protecting and restoring the marine environment. Those lives of devotion are an inspirational source of inspiration often providing the first step to big changes. WeOcean is looking for them.


The Ocean has always fascinated humans. Through rituals, art, music, lifestyle and other means, people have developed a vibrant Ocean Culture. WeOcean is seeking  out these people that are part of the Ocean’s history and transmission.


Humans have been using the oceans for profit for generations. Using the ocean often has a negative impact on these ecosystems rather than minimizing harm.  WeOcean is looking for people who have found how to live in harmony while still maintaining livelihood.