WeOcean Project


S.E.A MedExpe

The Sailing Eco Active MedExpe

WeOcean Project is now made up of volunteers and all projects are on our own funds. We are actively seeking for sponsors and contributors.   


  • Valorisation of the Mediterranean know-how,
  • Realization of scientific expeditions,
  • Tests of oceanographic equipment and boat products,
  • Establishment of sport expeditions to enhance the Mediterranean sea and new initiatives that allow us to practice our passion in a respectful way,
  • Organization of cultural meetings,
  • Conferences and public awareness campaigns.

In 2018, first departure onboard WeOcean sailing boat

VALORIZATION of six initiatives for a sustainable ocean through a film and a book

  • 1 Scientific Initiative
  • 1 Educational Initiative
  • 1 Entrepreneurial Initiative
  • 1 Sport Initiative
  • 1 Marine Environmental Protection Initiative
  • 1 Cultural or Artistic Initiative

ITINERANT SERVICES onboard the sailboat

  • Ocean Awareness
  • Conferences
  • Photographic & Artistic Traveling Exhibition (Do you love your sea?)
  • Other upcoming project under validation ….

Join us and propose a project!