WeOcean Project


S.E.A MedExpe

The Sailing Eco Active MedExpe



This first expedition took us almost 5 months from the Spanish border, to Italy, as well as Corsica. A film and a book highlighting the French know-how that is committed to the protection of the marine environment will be produced in 2019. The duration of this first campaign did not allow us to draw up an exhaustive inventory of all the projects, but future campaigns are coming.

For this first departure, we were part of several projects:
Ecogestes Méditerrannée campaign (awareness of boaters about good practices to minimize their impact at sea: anchorage, use of products on board, observation of marine life, etc),
Bioobs educational activities in partnership with Ecocean (discovery of marine biodiversity in harbors with school children),
– Ambassador of the ReSeaClons project supported by the Marine Institute of Seaquarium recycling plastic from the sea: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMdqxJXIHMY


We were also supported by:
– Promocash Rodez https://rodez.promocash.com
– GirerdENR Photovoltaic self-consumption https://girerd-enr.fr
– Ecoblabla, zero waste modern life https://ecoblabla.com
– Crosscall https://crosscall.com


SEAMedExpe 2018 will lead to:
– a film made in partnership with Manuel Lefèvre and Frozen Frogs production,
– mobile radio programs available on our social networks,
– a book presenting all the initiatives encountered.

Discover our teaser (soon in english):