WeOcean Project


WeOcean team is made up of professional artists, marine biologists, oceanologists, technicians and photographers.

They are the sails of WeOcean project

Leslie Bissey

Independent Oceanologist – Photographer –  Diver Padi Rescue / Class 1B –  Founder of  WeOcean Project

The Universe of the sea is my breath of oxygen and the dream of a life. I was lucky to be able to sail from an early age and know that it was with the oceans and for the oceans that I wanted to fight. I did my studies in the field of oceanology followed by several experiences that allowed me to travel and work in the oceans and seas of the world. These gave me the chance and opportunities to discover more marine life that fascinates me so much.  I nevertheless, needed an evolution, to marry my convictions with my actions in something bigger guided by my heart and dreams. In 2016, the idea of ​​creating a project combining sailing, the study of the marine environment and the sharing of ocean knowledge with the general public began to show and was born under the name of “WeOcean Project”.

Her full profile : https://www.linkedin.com/in/leslie-bissey-79443616/

Elodie Gasparin

The sea, nature, happy mood, team spirit, sport challenge, scuba diving and all in sharing..so many great reasons why any passionate of the outdoor and the Ocean would have wanted to integrate WeOcean team. On my side, I did not need anything more to join the adventure, and to serve the Oceans with my skills as marine biologist and  scuba diver. I want to preserve these fascinating blue immensities, hiding incredible resources, often unsuspected but unfortunately still limited.

I am a professional scuba diver and also a scuba diving instructor. What makes me happy? Share this passion by sharing dives and bringing people into the water, to make them discover and love this underwater world. Because for me, if you love the oceans, you will protect them…

 Her full profil coming soon

Rémy Dubas

Photographer – Diver Level 3 / Class 1B – Ecocean Technical Manager – Pillar of the Diving Logistics and Underwater Exploration Strategy at WeOcean

Originally from Paris, I contracted the disease of “the evidence” when I first returned from the other side of the world. Why should I continue to do what did not seem to be in harmony with my convictions? After my parents, the ocean gave me while working for Ecocean, a real notion of the evidence. The exploitation of the oceans was indisputable, now it’s about its conservation! Through the first ideas of Leslie with WeOcean, our planet seems to have the perfect interpreter. So, my commitment is intuitive. I will sail with WeOcean Project to dive into the biodiversity. I will endeavor to illustrate what we know little and to better understand what we yet, not know. To know is a consciousness of existence, but is also taking a step back on our mysterious planet.

His full profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rémy-dubas-03279326/